Straight Outta RomCom Hell

One thing I’m often asked is, “What’s the worst or craziest date you’ve had?” Truthfully, I can’t single out any one date because all those that comes to mind are equally awful in different ways. Below are three Hall-of-Famers (names have been changed, of course).

Enjoy the laughs,
Queen Bee #Nesting

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Buzzing About the Queen City

Growing up, my father always told me my name meant “honeybee of the meadow” and to remember that honeybees produce honey from the dirt and pollen they encounter throughout their lives. It was his way of teaching me that through a little hard work and the right perspective, you have the power to make anything sweeter. Why he didn’t just go with the old “turn lemons into lemonade” approach, I’ll never know. That just tells you a little bit about the kind of man my father is. More to come on that front at a later date.

Well, according to my findings on the internet – which we all know is omniscient – my name means “from the wood of the royal forest” or “from the royal fortress meadow”. So, I guess my father wasn’t completely off! Despite my eye-rolling attitude towards the meaning, I’ve always been fond of the honeybee reference because it reminds me to savor the sweet moments and memories life has to offer. “Honey moments”, if you will. And, as life would have it, I live in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC, affectionately known as the Queen City. Seems only fitting that bees have their Queen ;).

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