Breaking My Silence on Politics

I’m openly a centrist – I don’t align majority democrat or republican and I often vote across party lines. I voted Obama – both terms. That being said, as the election is a mere three weeks (and change) away, decisions have to be made and I’m likely voting Trump.

Trumps “Locker Room Talk”
I agree with FLOTUS as she spoke the words, “this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior” at Southern New Hampshire University earlier this week. Because of the 1st amendment, he has the right to say what he wants. I also understand Trump’s stance that it was “just locker room talk”. Why? Because we live in a culture where sexually demeaning language towards and about women is normal and socially acceptable. That doesn’t make it right, but it doesn’t change that it’s true.
  • I’ve been sarcastically greeted by friends with “What’s up cuntt?”.
  • I’ve been told to “don’t be a pussy” and “Bitch, you’re crazy.”
  • I’ve heard, “I’d tap that!” banter while passing a group of men.
  • I’ve had guys send me unsolicited dick pics and texts like, “I’m hungry and I need you to sit on my face”.
  • We have acronyms in our society like “MILF: Mothers I’d like to Fuck”.

Listen to song lyrics, watch the movies. Sexually predatory behavior is alive and well in our country – and often times it’s encouraged or worse yet, celebrated.

As a woman, a feminist, a believer in human-rights, and a christian, I’m saddened by this reality. It’s NOT Okay!

HOWEVER, with the election 3 weeks away, I am finding myself leaning towards Trump … yes, Trump. How is this possible?! Because as much as Trump’s character is a chauvinistic asshole, what you see is what you get. I can’t say the same for H. Clinton and her conniving manipulative tactics.

We are WAY beyond voting for a President based on their character!
You won’t find anyone who thinks Trump is a worse candidate than me, and this most recent scandal does nothing but bolster that. But save me the “how could anyone ever support a guy like this” talk if you also support Hillary and her shaming of the women that her own husband treated the exact same way. You want to talk male privilege? Rape culture? Let’s talk about a man who used the power of his elected office to prey sexually on scores of women, and his wife who actively worked to discredit said women in the name of her own career. And then let’s talk about a press that will likely never even mention the two scandals together lest they hurt a candidate they support. That’s rape culture packaged up as politics. Vote for whoever you want to, but don’t pretend that there’s some sort of moral high ground to stand on. I URGE you visit and vote for the candidate who’s PLATFORM you agree with most.

This blogger has done a very good job of putting words to how I feel with the whole political climate: Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump. Below are my highlight excerpt from the post.

The rape culture in our country is not ok. What he said was NOT OK. There is NO way to justify it. Does he continue to treat women this way? I hope not, but it’s definitely possible. Do I want someone like that as my President? I mean, not really. But if we are talking about rape culture – Hillary Clinton has done MUCH more to contribute to that than Donald Trump. As an attorney, she has reduced the jail time of rapists. She has helped cover up the abuses done by her husband while he was President. Actions like this have MUCH more of a ripple affect than the derogatory comments and actions of Donald Trump.

… Another reality that I want to address is the fact that the media has done a great job of distracting us from the real issues when it comes to the election. Are racism and sexism HUGE issues in our country? YES. But how are those things resolved? Movements of people coming together. Different races and religions taking time to understand each other. Men learning how to stand up for their sisters and daughters and wives. And guess what? No matter WHO is in office, we can start doing that NOW. The government is not the answer to these issues.These have been issues in our country since day 1, and the MEDIA is much more responsible than the government.

… SUPREME COURT – this is probably the biggest reason I am voting for Donald Trump. Whoever the next President is will likely nominate FIVE Supreme Court judges. FIVE. Even if you hate Donald Trump & everything about him – if you generally identify with conservative policies, then this is CRUCIAL. Whoever is put in those positions will affect the future of our country even more than whoever serves the next four years as President. It’s possible that America would NEVER recover from a 7-2 Democratic majority. We NEED to keep Republicans in the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution.”

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